Problem with Browse Choices

The Browse Choices function in this database requires Java software for the Word Wheel to operate. Some browsers allow the use of Java applications but browsers such as the later versions of Windows Explorer don't.

In order to use applications based on Java, including Browse Choices in this database, it may be necessary to download the free Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) software available from a number of sites including

A recent problem
The latest version of java is Java JRE 6 update 13 which is producing an error message and the Browse Choices buttons don't function.

If you have upgraded the Java software on your computer to Java JRE 6 update 13, currently the only solution to get the Browse Choices buttons to work is to remove the latest update.

Older versions of Java should still be on your computer.

To remove the latest upgrade of Java

Once the Java (TM) 6 update 13 program is removed the earlier version Of Java on your computer will operate and the Browse Choices option in the online databases will function again.